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Our Services

We take care of everything - English language skills and numeracy training, meeting any specific compliance or accreditation requirements, organising traineeships and work experience, screening for specialist skills and verifying appropriate visas (if applicable).

Given the Chance supports supervisors/managers and candidates every step of the way, both on and off the job. Our expert Field Officers personally case manage each placement and maintain relationships with all parties after initial recruitment.

Our employment models

The Brotherhood supplies employment through two key employment models, individually tailored to employers' needs.

Traineeships and apprenticeships provide on the job experience, coupled with essential qualifications for future employment, and usually includes pre-vocational training.

Labour hire provides job seekers with much needed Australian workplace experience, while allowing employers time to identify whether they may be suitable for longer term employment.

Support services for the employer

  • A Relationship Manager is appointed to support supervisors, field questions and identify further support where needed.
  • The Building Bridges Cultural Awareness Training helps develop manager skills to assist with employees' integration into the workplace and provides practical tools and information to help navigate cultural differences that may arise.
  • Each employee is appointed a Field Officer to help navigate the transition to employment.
  • BSL Social Support Services can be accessed by Employers and further referrals provided where necessary.

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