About us

The Brotherhood of St Laurence has been working with people facing disadvantage for nearly 90 years. We know that even the most marginalised people in our community aspire to being able to participate in the mainstream economic and social life of our community. The best opportunity to build a good life comes from having a job.

Every year we provide training and support to thousands of disadvantaged Australians, helping them to create and share prosperity. Central to this is meaningful employment.

We have developed a portfolio of innovative workplace policies and programs which align with the labour needs of employers, establishing a ‘line of sight’ to employment for marginalised jobseekers. 

Given the Chance is our flagship employment program. It provides training and targeted placement in sectors as diverse as facilities, maintenance, security, banking and finance, health care, call centres, administration, aged care and children’s services.

  • Candidates are work-ready, highly motivated and fully supported.
  • Employers have access to a prepared, trained and energetic labour pool that helps diversify their workforce and foster social benefit and inclusion.  
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