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Labour Hire 

Through Given the Chance, the Brotherhood can provide labour hire to suit a diverse range of roles. Labour hire gives participants invaluable workplace experience, while allowing employers to determine if employees may be suitable for longer-term work opportunities. 

Labour hire can be:  

  • casual and fixed term 
  • white collar 
  • blue collar. 

We work with you to understand your business requirements, to determine which facets of the program will be most valuable depending on the scope and length of the role. We then tailor the training and field support accordingly.  

Our four-component model can also be modified for each position, to provide the most relevant training and field support structure.  

Our high rate of host employers taking on candidates after testing them in a labour hire period shows that diverse candidates can support your business whilst making your existing staff feel great about the organisation they work for. 

Traineeships and apprenticeships  

Traineeships and apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for disadvantaged job seekers to gain work experience coupled with a qualification that can help them maintain employment long into the future. By supporting a trainee or apprentice, you are making a significant commitment to corporate social responsibility and improving staff culture.  

Traineeships provide a cost-efficient and administratively simple way for small to medium sized businesses to hire apprentices/trainees when this might otherwise not be possible. The GTO looks after superannuation, payroll, WorkCover, training and any other administration associated with the employment contract. 

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